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Frames Rondo

Frames Rondo


A retro, reborn

This distinct rounded shape was first popularized by artists and musicians, which is fitting because for the first time ever it plays music.


Sight & sound

From the patented acoustic chambers to the premium lenses, Bose frames are designed for sun and sound. Explore the features to see how it all comes together.


Nothing in or on your ears

It’s a new way to listen. One that leaves you free to hear and interact with the world around you, all while discreetly listening to music.


Sunglasses. With a soundtrack.

Meet Bose Frames, the first audio sunglasses from Bose. Miniaturized Bose speakers — hidden in the temples — produce rich, immersive sound for you, while others hear practically nothing. It’s a revolutionary personal audio experience embedded in a classic design.


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